Corporate Relocation Tips

A corporation is nothing but a bigger family. When a family relocates it can be such a straining job, one can imagine how hectic corporate relocation can be! It involves lots of planning. Smooth business moving requires good organization and coordination. The thing that makes corporate relocation so tiresome is the tight time span in which everything is to be completed. This Corporate Moving Guide makes your business relocation easy and trouble free. Go through the following corporate relocation checklists and moving tips to ensure an easy move.

1.Sit with all employees who are the decision makers in your organization to finalize the date of moving. Events like product release, fiscal year ending, commencing of employee induction programs, etc. should be considered while fixing the date. Involve people from all the departments and come up with a possible date to give your corporate moving company.

2.Inform your employees, clients, partners, bankers and all other associates in advance through snail mail, email or fax. Mention the possible relocation date within your correspondence to them.

3.Get quotes from a corporate moving company or two. You can contact corporate moving companies by yourself or publish adverts in newspapers asking for quotes. Then go through the applications thoroughly and check which company is offering the most suitable services.

4.Decide whether the essential office documents are going to be packed by your employees or by the corporate moving company under supervision of departmental heads. You can start packing unimportant files and documents before the moving date. A good way to make things simpler is to ask everybody pack their own things, so that nothing is lost.

5.One important part of corporate relocation is server moving. If you have servers and LAN settings inside your office, it may take a mastermind to get everything set up again in the new office. But if there is an in-house network administrator then you need not worry about it.

6.Again sit with your employees to finalize the date. Also discuss how to continue work during the transition because departments like Customer Care and Support cannot be abandoned at any cost. If the employees are able to work from home during transition then it’s well and good. Otherwise, you need a contingency plan.

7.Now, make a written plan for everything and inform your employees and associates and your corporate moving company about the final date of moving. Include sketches of the new building labeling the work stations, rest rooms, server room, dining hall, dorm rooms and all so that employees can start working quickly.

8.You can also take all the staff and employees to the new office before the moving day so that they get acquainted with the new place.

9.Ask your departmental heads to be present there when corporate movers pack and load official documents.

10.Make sure the new office is ready: elevators, cooling system, fire security systems etc. are working fine. Once everything is fine, set out for the new location with the corporate movers.

Once you decide to move, you can take a print of this Corporate Relocation Guide and check the points that are taken care of. This will ensure an easy business move.

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